PACCAR 12-Speed automated transmission

Purpose-built to work seamlessly with the MX-13 engine, the new PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission represents a major advancement in powertrain performance, productivity, efficiency, driveability and return on investment. Designed with the operator in mind, it boasts a torque capacity of 1850lb-ft and is rated to 50 tonnes GCM.
Seamless Integration

PACCAR’s proprietary 12-speed automated transmission features a weight-saving robust aluminium housing and cooler-less lubrication system and weighs more than 50kg less than comparable automated transmissions.

Kenworth T410SAR

Optimised shifting and clutch engagement makes the vehicle easier and more productive to operate. PACCAR’s automotive-style column shifter allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Column Shift

The PACCAR transmission comes standard with a highly ergonomic, automotive-style column shifter that is simple and intuitive to operate. Transmission controls include Drive, Neutral, Reverse and Manual modes as well as a selector for the engine brake.


The PACCAR transmission comes with a suite of impressive technology features designed to make it easier to deliver your loads as cost effectively as possible.

For more information on the PACCAR automated transmission, download the brochure here.