Leading change in our industry

Supported by its global partners, PACCAR Australia is focused on the technologies and strategies that will shape a globally responsible transport industry.

Technologies that benefit the environment

PACCAR has a long history of initiatives aimed at improving the environmental footprint of its trucks and operations.

Continued investment in R&D and local manufacturing seeks to utilise the best minds to shape new solutions for the future of commercial transport. As part of this commitment, PACCAR Australia has established a comprehensive Environmental Policy to shape the direction of future initiatives.

Supporting communities

With a predominantly domestic supplier base and as a proud Australian manufacturer, PACCAR Australia continues to invest in local and national communities as well as industry groups.

PACCAR Australia’s 2021 investment in domestic manufacturing and its continued focus on R&D attracts a diverse pool of the best minds while supporting local jobs and communities.

PACCAR & Dealer Industry Fund

Our representative body, the PACCAR & Dealer Industry Fund, gives back a proportion of profits to industry groups such as the Australian Trucking Association, the National Road Transport Association and the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association. Through these partnerships, we’re able to promote and work towards better outcomes for members of the Australian road transport industry.

This fund demonstrates our commitment to the communities our people live within. The safety, wellbeing and success of our customers are better supported by Dealer Industry Fund initiatives.