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From a gathering of five finalists from across Australia, Kyle Hardy of Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Toowoomba, has been named the 2020 Kenworth Technician of the Year.

The search for the 2020 Kenworth Technician of the Year began last October. All Service Technicians from Kenworth dealerships across Australia were invited to participate in the competition, which aimed to recognise and reward the best of the best in five assessments measuring technical skills, product knowledge, and professionalism.

The finalists were:
Jason Cooper – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Coffs Harbour
Jaie Ennis – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Townsville
Kyle Hardy – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Toowoomba
Darryl Merchant – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Coffs Harbour
Levi Tsoulis – CJD Kenworth DAF Perth

The top three placed finalists all came from the Brown & Hurley Group. In a close second place was Jaie Ennis of Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Townsville and in third place, Jason Cooper from Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Coffs Harbour.

The finals were held over the course of a day at Kenworth DAF Melbourne. An online component followed by a final practical test on a Kenworth truck was where Kyle secured his win. The finalists received over $30,000 worth of prizes, including a study tour to the US for Kyle and a selection of tools vital to the job.

Kenworth Chief Engineer, Noelle Parlier presented the award to Kyle Hardy congratulating him on his win and performance on the day.

“Kyle’s assessment today was outstanding. Congratulations to him on a well-deserved win! Also well done to all the finalists who made it here today. Congratulations to the Brown & Hurley Group for their show of skill on the day. The testing up to and throughout the finals proved that the skill and experience of Kenworth Technicians are the best of the best in the industry. It showcased as a group the strength of the Dealership network. Customers will only experience the highest calibre of technical expertise and support when their trucks are serviced at a Kenworth Dealership.”

Kyle said the win was a relief after the stress and nerves of the testing.

“I’m pleased with the result, and am looking forward to the trip to the US. The competition was well thought out and I felt the time-frame given for the hands on testing of each scenario was sufficient. In a couple of the tests I felt that I had to keep pushing through and stay focused to make sure I could get the task completed in time. This was actually a good thing as that is what we face most days in the workshop environment”.

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