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The Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Neurosurgery is at the forefront of brain tumour treatment and complex surgeries in Australia. It is a leading centre for brain cancer and cerebrovascular, spinal and trauma-related surgeries, so access to the latest hi-tech equipment is vital.

Recently, several corporate partners funded the purchase of an Ultrasound Adaptor Array and Ultrasound System for the RMH Department of Neurosurgery. The Ultrasound Adaptor Array is a handheld devide that provides real-time images during brain tumour removal and other complex surgeries. This is a critical adjunct to the pre-operative imaging, which becomes less accurate as surgery progresses.

The high-resolution, real-time images provided by the Ultrasound System, assist surgeons to detect if the brain has moved from the images taken pre-surgery. It integrates perfectly with other recently funded technology which has positioned the RMH Department of Neurosurgery as one of the most technologically advanced centres in Australia.

RMH Neurosurgeon, Dr Mohammed Awad, explained how this technology is already improving patient outcomes, and shaping the future of neurosurgery. “When combined with the Brainlab navigation system, screen imaging is extremely useful to identify residual tumour that may otherwise be missed. Patients benefit from both safer surgery and more complete tumour removal, reducing the likelihood of a second operation, and increasing the survival rates in certain cases. In time, our goal is to understand how to translate the intraoperative information to its maximum potential.”

We would like to extend our thanks to the following corporate partners for their ongoing committment: Optus Business, PACCAR Australia, Plan B Services, Allanby Press and Printers and S.O. Asher Consultants. These cutting-edge and life-saving technologies will vastly enhance outcomes and quality of life for patients by alleviating some of the risk associated with brain surgery, and other complex surgeries, and reducing the time patients spend in hospital.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation: Royal News, Autumn 2019


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