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GRNEWS July 2017 DAF PacLease

Has a sudden increase in work ever left you scrambling to find replacement or additional vehicles? Well PacLease can provide a selection of answers that in turn provide solutions to all forms of workload variance.

There are times when a sudden business demand can leave you without a suitable vehicle, and the PacLease division at Gilbert & Roach Huntingwood is the first place you should be contacting when you need a helping hand with your fleet.

Tim Weiss has been appointed as the G&R PacLease manager at Huntingwood, and is waiting for your call to provide assistance with the right truck at the right time to help your business.
The first trucks available for rental or leasing through G&R PacLease at Huntingwood are DAF products such as the Euro 5 DAF LF55 6×2 rigid with a 14-pallet capacity curtainsider body. These are fitted with barn doors at the rear and include a 2400 kg capacity D’Hollandia hydraulic tail lift.

Also available through PacLease is the DAF CF85 configured as a prime mover and single trailer application and powered by the PACCAR MX13 engine rated at 510 hp and with 1850 lb-ft of torque matched to a 16-speed AMT. Another option is the availability of the DAF CF85 with full Dangerous Goods fuel haul specification compliance, powered by the PACCAR MX13 engine of 510 hp and matched to a 16-speed AMT.

Each PacLease location offers a variety of transportation services tailored to meet specific applications including full service leasing, commercial truck rental, contract maintenance, preventive maintenance, substitute rental vehicles and vehicle washing.

“Every vehicle is tracked by advanced telematics to monitor fuel burn and odometer readings and is subject to very stringent preventive maintenance schedules for every 90 days or 20,000 km intervals. That also includes the monitoring of tyre tread depths and any fault codes,” said Tim.

“When a service is due, contact is made with the operator to select the time and location for it to be completed at any PACCAR dealership, with the cost charged back to the leasing dealership. The operator never sees the invoice,” added Tim.


Article reproduced with permission from Gilbert & Roach Huntingwood. Original article published here: G&R News Gilbert & Roach Huntingwood July 2017.

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