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PACCAR Australia recently completed the installation of a 99.84kW solar panel at the Gatwick Road warehouse in Bayswater which was turned on 30th of June as part of a long-term goal to reduce the carbon footprint of the site. The solar system comprises of 369x270W Jinko solar modules and three Fronious Eco27 Invertors, which will supply approximately 118,200kWh of energy per year (approximately 30% of the current Gatwick Road power usage).  As the first solar panel installation completed for PACCAR globally, this is a great achievement for the Australian production team and a significant step towards a global company movement into solar energy.

PACCAR Australia was chosen as the first site as it provided the best return on value for Greenhouse Gas reduction. Due to the high brown coal content of Victorian energy generation, a small reduction in energy usage for the site provides a greater Greenhouse Gas reduction for PACCAR Inc. than any other of our locations. The Gatwick Road facility provided adequate roof space that was ideally positioned for maximum sunlight exposure and the best energy bill dollar savings at the Bayswater site. The system is expected to result in a reduction of 138,300kgCO2-e per year and a saving of approximately AUD$29,500pa.

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