Introducing Daniel Crawford, Dealer Principal of HTC Kenworth DAF Melbourne East, which is the PACCAR Dealer of the Month for March, 2017.

For this month’s Dealer of the Month Daniel gave an introduction to his Dealership.

“HTC Kenworth DAF Melbourne East was opened in 1989 and has been operating as part of the CMV Group since 1999. Located in the South East of Melbourne in a purpose-built facility spanning nine acres, HTC Kenworth DAF Melbourne East operates a customer service-oriented dealership, which services a broad range of industries and customer base. We built the current facility in 2005 focusing on how we could make life easier for our customers and to minimise their downtime, so it includes features like 24/7 customer access, drivers’ rest rooms, afternoon shift and a team of auto electricians.

Our great team of staff are keen to provide long term solutions. We now offer PacLease Truck Rental and Leasing options in addition to Kenworth and DAF sales, plus market-leading parts supply and service solutions. Contract Repair and Maintenance package options are also tailored to suit customers’ needs.

In addition to our Hallam facility we also operate the BTC Kenworth DAF Melbourne East in Bayswater as a satellite Parts and Service Dealership, catering for the Eastern and North Eastern suburbs. Located on Canterbury Road this site has B-Double access and caters for many local customers and trucks that run interstate from and through this busy area.”

“Some of our highlights are the awards the dealership and team have received over the years and include Kenworth Dealer of the Year, DAF Dealer of the Year, the inaugural Kenworth Cummins Dealer of the Year and several Salesman of the Year awards for DAF and Kenworth. These are recognition of past achievements and we strive for excellence in these areas each day. “

“A point of difference about our Dealership was when we commenced trading as the first PacLease franchise in December.  Trading under PacLease Hallam, we can now offer even more services for our customers and it has been a success so far with multiple new and existing customers taking up the services. We see this as an integral solution for the industry and a key element for our business moving forward.”

“A project I am most proud of is when a number of years ago we decided that we wanted to be industry-leading in the support we offered our customers with the Cummins product line. With our team and Cummins we worked hard on training and systems and really increased our capabilities and, as a result, our service offering. We were awarded the first Kenworth Cummins Dealer of the Year for the network and continue to be strong in our support today.”

When considering his favourite truck model, “There isn’t a Kenworth model I don’t love but the W900SAR does hold an extra special place in my heart. We have a 1987 example in our Jim Crawford CMV Heritage Collection of old trucks and vehicles, which my grandfather traded and purchased in order to preserve history. We keep the old red SAR in our truck showroom at Bayswater and pull her out for various truck shows and community events. It happens to be a keen favourite for my kids too!”

“When I was very young I used to colour in the then Kenworth paint sketches for the then current Kenworth models, SAR, T650 etc as Dad was managing the CMV Truck Sales Kenworth Dealership within the family business at the time. There was never any pressure to work within the business but at this early stage I decided I wanted to be an Engineer at Kenworth. Fast forward quite a few years and I qualified as a Mechanical Engineer but in the meantime I had worked many holiday and weekend jobs such as in the parts warehouse, sales coordinator roles and driving trucks throughout my university degree. I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne to work in Kenworth Engineering and Customer Service Departments for about 5 years.

After Kenworth I moved to the Hallam dealership as a Kenworth Sales Consultant for 3 years then moved into Operations Manager and last year into the General Manager role.”

“My favourite local place to go with my family is down to the tip of the Mornington Peninsula to go “exploring” with them, riding bikes and seeing the historic Point Nepean buildings and tunnels.”

Daniel, If you weren’t working in this industry what would you be doing? “The transport industry is unique and once exposed to it at a young age I couldn’t see myself being too far away from it, if at all. You could say, once you have Kenworth in the blood it is there for good!”

“My father, Michael Crawford, has been and continues to be my role model. As kids we had many anecdotes and lessons in both business and life around the family dinner table which helped guide my outlook and the way I approach staff, customers and the business.

Dad has successfully worked within our business to grow it soundly but one of the biggest reasons I see him as such a role model, is the positive reputation he upholds with staff, suppliers and of course, customers. His reputation as a fair, genuine, caring and consistent person is second to none and this flows into our business in all areas.”

“Overall I am very proud of our collective team as over the last few years in particular I receive positive feedback from our customers on a regular basis. There is no one instance I can recount and I thank our entire team for their efforts.”

“When considering the future of the industry the current rate of change of technology is quite amazing and who knows where it will take our industry in the longer term, in terms of how the task will be achieved. Data and automation become even more prevalent but the need for vehicles and transport companies will continue to grow as our transport task increases. I’m sure the industry will continue to adapt and use this technology to drive even more productivity.”

Thanks Daniel for your insight into your dealership.


  1. This is really good news! All premier transport companies should adhere to these standards to ensure the quality of service. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

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