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PACCAR Australia officially introduced the PACCAR MX-13 heavy-duty engine to Kenworth’s T4 series trucks at the 2014 International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES) at the Melbourne Showgrounds in April.

PACCAR MX-13 now powering the Kenworth T4 Series

The MX-13 engine will be available in Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR models from July 2014. Two MX-13 equipped models will be featured at the ‘PACCAR World’ display at ITTES.

PACCAR has delivered over 1 million engines worldwide, and its MX-13 has taken the international trucking industry by storm. It quickly became one of the most popular engines in Europe, and it now accounts for 40 percent of the build of Kenworths in North America. The PACCAR MX-13 engine is not new to Australia. It has been powering DAF trucks since 2007.The decision to include the MX-13 in Kenworths follows almost three years of research and development. Integral to this was an extensive field testing program across Australia and New Zealand. Customer trials in T4 trucks operating in various applications and conditions, have clocked up more than 1.6 million kilometres.

“The MX-13 engine is set to be a game-changer in Australia’s mid-range heavy-duty market,” said PACCAR Australia’s Product Development Manager, Brad May. “It utilises next-generation technologies to deliver higher levels of fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance from a quiet powerplant.”

The MX-13’s 12.9-litre engine completes Kenworth’s powertrain range, complementing Cummins’ 9, 11 and 15-litre engine offerings.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine provides the optimal balance of power and fuel economy. The six cylinder in-line turbo charged diesel engine will be available with 460hp and 510hp ratings, offering 1,700 and 1,850 LBFT of torque respectively, which is available over a wide rpm range from 1000rpm to 1410rpm.

To comply with ADR80/03 emission requirements, the MX-13 utilises SCR technology. In addition, SMART fuel injection technology is used to deliver high injection pressures combined with precise injection timing and multi point injection. The outcome is an optimised combustion process resulting in low emissions of particulate matter and excellent fuel efficiency.

Brad May says the MX-13 ideally suits Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR trucks, catering for a variety of operations, from single trailer and B-double to tipper and dog applications.

“The T409 and T409SAR’s light tare weight and short BBC (Bumper to Back of Cab) length enable operators to maximise payload in a range of applications. When you add the MX-13 to the equation, it takes the trucks’ advantages to the next level,” he said.

“The PACCAR MX-13 is highly efficient, durable and comparatively light. This enables Kenworth’s T4 series to be even more productive and cost effective,” Brad explained.

The engine incorporates a number of design innovations, including, but not limited to compact graphite iron used in the block and head design, fractured cap technology used with connecting rods and main bearing cap, aluminium ladder frame construction, integrated lubrication module, rear of engine gear train, encapsulated wiring harness and integrated engine brake for optimum stopping power. These features offer a long term value proposition and low overall cost of ownership through increased uptime and reliability, productivity, ease of maintenance and longer service intervals.

The MX-13 engine has been thoroughly tested throughout urban and rural Australia and New Zealand for over 2 years. Kenworth’s field test vehicles were configured with manual and automated transmissions in both single and B-double configurations. Some units accumulated in excess of 250,000 km, subjecting the PACCAR MX-13 engine to some arduous operating environments and a wide range of heavy-duty applications in all seasons. In addition, Kenworth hosted an MX-13 drive event at the Mt Cotton Training Centre last year, giving industry media and customers the opportunity to further trial the engine in real-world conditions.

“Without exception, all operators have been most impressed with the MX-13’s performance, reliability and fuel efficiency,” Brad said. “The general consensus is that the engine is very responsive, with plenty of power to handle any application up to 70 tonne GCM. It also provides easy driveability, with its wide, flat torque band which requires fewer gear changes. Across the varied operating conditions and applications, every driver was surprised how quietly the engine performed.

“Several Kenworth customers involved in the trial were so impressed, they have already purchased additional MX-13 powered Kenworth T409 and T409SARs,” he added.

Brad says another important component supporting the PACCAR MX-13’s introduction to Kenworth is the nationwide PACCAR dealer network. All dealers are experienced with the MX-13 engine, having supported it in the DAF truck range since 2007. PACCAR dealers are certified with trained technicians, tooling, diagnostic equipment and parts inventory to support the PACCAR MX-13 engine.

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